UNITY Eyeshadow Palette

UNITY Eyeshadow Palette


With the ongoing, blatant racism and police brutality against AFRICAN CANADIAN/AMERICAN people, this unique palette delivers a message that the world needs to hear. What better way to share it than with one of the things that brings us TOGETHER? MAKE-UP!


The UNITY eye shadow palette is a BEAUTY to look at and add to your collection. Each colour is named after words that, as a collective, we all need to start using more often, such as: 


• SOLIDARITY; meaning UNITY or AGREEMENT of feeling or action. 

 • MELANIN; a rich, natural skin pigment that gives hair, skin and eyes their color. It's also one of the things that visually differentiates people of different races.

• BLOOD; as the most important fluid in the body, is the ONE THING we are all made with, continuously pumping through the heart that is keeping us alive! 



**HIGHLY PIGMENTED COLOURS (3 shimmers, 6 mattes)


**included with this pallette is a detailed info card stating exactly what this Pallete represents and a breakdown of my creation process