Mink Eyelashes are a way to add that Extra POP to your natural beauty. Bad Publicity Eyelashes are 100% cruelty free, designed and handcrafted using the softest materials. 

   We recently created a new look too are packaging as well as new names to the lashes to bring awareness to the prescription pill abuse that we are experiencing in and around are communities with both youth and adults.

    For many years children and adults are being prescribed these pills and are becoming addicted, or worst case scenario finding them off the streets and overdosing because lack of knowledge. So we figured why not take one of are most popular products and use it as a way to spread awareness. ie; (info sheets in bottles.)

   We ensure each wear is not only stylish and comfortable but informative as well. Rather you prefer a Dramatic, Edgy or Natural look we are sure to have a pair perfect for YOU!