Ashley Miranda (CEO)

    Ashley Miranda, the founder and CEO of Bad Publicity was born in Toronto Ontario. Ashley later moved with her family to the east coast and was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Inside the small urban community of Uniacke Square. 

  Growing up Ashley has always had an eye for fashion and strived to be unique.  Always making bold fashion statements while never ever being afraid to take fashion risks. This quality made her stand out in many crowds. Making sure to always remain true to herself no matter what type of trends were "in" or Bad Publicity she caused while doing so. 

    BAD PUBLICITY is a movement Ashley created late in 2015, starting with a simple hashtag; #BadPublicity, that she would use under her pictures or post as self encouragement and later encouraged others to use the same hashtag under their pictures. The Movement is aimed towards anyone who uses social media outlets. Hash tagging BAD PUBLICITY  under your post was and is intended to ENCOURAGE Men, Women, Children no matter if your Gay, Straight, Trans or Bi  to embrace any and all Flaws regardless of what society considers the "norm" .

 Don't hide them, OWN THEM.

    Publicity is Publicity but nothing gets more attention than BAD PUBLICITY.